Here you can find answers to common questions related to Masia Cal Riera and its services and activities. Search according to the tab of interest:

What do I need to bring?

Clothing and comfortable shoes
Jacket and warm clothes for the evenings.
Raincoat in case of rain
Household for personal hygiene
Flip flops for the shower
Shower towel
Mosquito repellent
Flashlight for night games
Costume dress or a special weekend if the issue requires it (Halloween, Carnival, New Year, etc …)

Do I need bedding?

No, Masia Can Riera has beddings for our guests.

Hours of arrival and exit to Masia Cal Riera


If you hire lunch the first day, the time of entry will be from 11.00 am
If you don’t hire lunch the first day, the time of entry will be from 15:00 pm.


If the last meal is breakfast, the exit must be done before 11.00 am.
If the last meal is lunch, the exit must be done before 16.00 pm.
If the last meal is dinner, the exit must be done before 21.30 pm.

Delivery and emptying of the rooms

The rooms will be delivered starting at 15:00 pm on the first day if youo arrange lunch or after 18:00pm if the first meal arranged is dinner.

The rooms must be left free to a maximum of 12.00am, regardless of the last meal hired.

When can I start my free activities?

The group will enjoy free activities from the evening of arrival, in case you have paid the specific program of activities included.

Even when can I enjoy the free activities?

If the last hired meal is breakfast, group will not enjoy the activities of the last  day.

If the last hired meal is launch, group can enjoy activities of the last morning.

If the last hired meal is dinner, group can enjoy activities all the last day of their stay.

How activities groups are divided?

There will be two groups of activities: 4 to 8 years and from 9 years onwards. Children under 5 can participate in activities but accompanied by an adult. Adults may attend any of the activities of both groups.

In case the number of participants in the thematic paid program is less than 20, a single group will be created.

Are there set times for meals?

Yes, mealtimes for family tourism are:

Breakfast: from 9.00am to 10.00am
Lunch: from 13.30pm to 14.30pm
Dinner: from 20.30pm to 21.30pm

What is included in the price?

The price includes full board accommodation. There are other options including full board plus activities.

What activities are carried out?

The activities may be included in the price, are performed safely and with specialized instructors, aimed at both children and adults. All children from 4 to 5 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

The house has a program of activities types found on the corresponding profile.

Bad weather will suspend activities?

No, there is always an alternative plan for cases of bad weather.

Will you have to share rooms?

No, each book is assigned one or more rooms and do not need to share any client.

Do you hace cots?

We don’t have cots for babies.

Are there toilets inside the room?

The house has three bedrooms with own bathroom, the other are shared.

Do you have specific or special menus for people with allergies?

We planned menus for all the most common allergies, we only need to know the needs of customers when they make a reservation. In the case of not being a common allergy, we must be advised to plan and foresee everything necessary to carry out a good service.

Do the meals include a snack?

No, snack is not included.

Can we bring drinks to the house?

If desired, with notice, the house can keep soft drinks or other beverages in the refrigerator.

What other things will I need?

The beds have sheets, pillowcases and blankets. Customers should simply take towels and bathroom vanity.

The material for the activities and games is provided by Masia Cal Riera.

Can I bring pets?

Masia Cal Riera don’t accept any animal.

Is there a lifeguard?

Due to the measures and disposition of the pool, it does not require the presence of lifeguard, however the schedule of the pool has a security protocol.

he enclosure of the pool is fully fenced and closed.

Is strictly prohibited noisy nocturnal activities outside the facility or loud music inside from 23h. Thanks for helping us to respect the rest of our neighbors.