Masia Cal Riera: A legacy of the seventeenth century

The house was built in the late seventeenth century by the family Ferrer (alias “Bearded”) who where mayors of Merola in that century. Thanks to the donation of apiece of land, the new church of Santa Maria Merola was built in 1609, near the house. Its assets rose during the XVII and XVIII centuries.

The inscriptions on various thresholds tell us the years of construction and several extensions. In two threshold of the west side indicates the year 1705. In a inscription of a interior thershold we can read: Josep Riera 1848.

The house was a large agricultural property, until at the end of the nineteenth century the owners sold the flour mill near Llobregat river to the sign “P. Manent and Company” that founded a factory of yarn and fabrics and an industrial colony, Colonia Manent or Cal Riera.

The house was renovated and expanded in 1912, according to an inscription, by Gregori Conill.  The reform was to extend the house and build the last section of the house to the north, on the tubs. The Conill and the Segarra are descendants of former owners Riera, who lost last name becouse of different weddings. During the Civil War, the house was headquarters of the republican army. At this time they lost some areas from the house.

Casa Masia de Cal Riera

In the north, where is currently the main entrance, there is a very simple gateway, some balconies on the first floor and a twin window on top. This final part of the house was built in the early twentieth century on two tubs.