Masia Cal Riera project opens its doors

Masia Cal Riera, a project that started in late 2015, is specially focused to be a space for events of all kinds, whether weddings, corporate or group events.

Thanks to our close colaborators, we are also prepared to carry out Gastro&Events that will be at the level of the most demanding palates, enjoying open spaces, nature and nearby rural environment.

We are also headed to family tourism offering various spaces of conviviality and celebration, as well as field school for children.

Thus, from the Masia Cal Riera project, want to show that we have a very personal way of working based on autonomy, freedom, self improvement, the discovery of the environment and territorial balance.

We strive to do the job well done as possible, with great dedication of effort and time. We also allocate much desire to be adapted to all needs and to have the best equipped center possible, making investment year after year, and listening to new ideas that may arise from our customers, adapting to their real needs.

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